Classes For All Fitness Levels

Royal South Yarra offers Members a variety of fitness classes in the Fitness Studio. Staffed by trained fitness professionals, fitness classes provide Members with the opportunity to exercise individually or with fellow Members.

The Fitness Studio is on level one, with direct access from the changerooms via stairs. Royal South Yarra currently offers a diverse range of fitness classes.

Aqua Aerobics is designed to suit Members with lower to intermediate fitness levels. The class is stress-free on the joints and fantastic for major muscle groups. Participants will finish the class feeling refreshed, revitalised and relaxed.

Boxercise involves bag work, one-on-one pad training and body weight exercises, leading to improvements in muscle tone, stamina, flexibility, endurance and boxing technique.

Circuit is a mixture of moderate to high intensity exercises to elevate the heart rate and make participants feel great. It targets strength building and muscular endurance in a high octane body conditioning class.

Legs, Glutes and Core is a personal training inspired workout, which trains the core, to help stabilise the spine and tone those little problem areas.

Group Fitness is an exciting early morning exercise class incorporating aerobics, circuit training, step and weights. It's a fast-paced class and is designed to lead to improvements in strength and endurance. It's also a great opportunity to socialise with other Members.

Bootcamp greatly assists strength and cardiovascular fitness through a combination of weights and circuit training. Bootcamp caters for all ages and fitness levels.

Swim Squad includes swimming drills, distance training and general squad training. Improving swimming technique is the focus for our instructors and all swimming abilities are accommodated.

Pilates is a floor-based body-conditioning program, which focuses on developing fluent, efficient, controlled and balanced movements. Pilates comprises a wide variety of exercises with differing degrees of difficulty, from easy to very difficult. 

One-on-one Pilates sessions can be arranged by contacting Tegan Bennett, Operations Manager - Sport on (03) 9829 1536 for further details.

Pilates – strength and stability is a strength training class designed specifically for high endurance and impact sports. These Pilates exercises will target injury-prone areas, including hamstrings, calf muscles and joints. Participants will notice improvements in both agility and flexibility.

The Club offers Hatha Yoga, which aims to balance body, mind and spirit and helps people become fitter, stronger and more flexible.

One-on-one yoga sessions can be arranged by contacting Tegan Bennett, Operations Manager - Sport on (03) 9829 1536 for further details.

All classes are available on a casual attendance basis with payment via Member accounts. Yoga & Pilates sessions cost $18.00. Members should register online prior to the class (please login to do so).

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