Becoming a Member

Membership of Royal South Yarra Lawn Tennis Club is highly sought-after. However, that doesn't mean the process for gaining membership is unnecessarily onerous. In practical terms, it is relatively straightforward.

Candidates must be nominated by existing members and, once approved, are warmly welcomed into the fold, with full use of all the Club's world-class facilities.

The important things to be bear in mind are:

  • The candidate must be acceptable to the existing body of members.
  • The primary obligation of a Sponsor is to the Club and not to the candidate. A member who feels uneasy about sponsoring a candidate should not do so.
  • Four Sponsors are required. Some members (according to category or being office-bearers) are not eligible to be Sponsors.
  • The Proposer and Seconder must be Voting Members, preferably of five years standing, and should have known the candidate personally and well for five years.
  • The two Referees must be members, should be 23 years of age or older and should have known the candidate personally and well for three years. Honorary, Temporary and Absentee Members are not eligible to be Referees.
  • The Sponsors should not be in a close relationship with each other or the candidate, or in a position of obligation to the candidate or a member of the candidate's family (e.g. in a business relationship with the candidate).
  • In the case of a Junior Member only, it is acceptable for one or two of the sponsors to be the parent(s) (by law) of the candidate.
  • For applicants other than Juniors, it is considered acceptable for one of the sponsors to be the partner (by law)/spouse of the candidate. 
  • Each of the four testimonials for a candidate must be completed separately and by the named Sponsor and be meaningful to assist the Committee and avoid delays.
  • Although a candidate may be shown a list of members to assist in identifying eligible Sponsors, a candidate must not approach a member to act as a Sponsor or to canvass for support.
  • The candidate should be familiar with the financial obligations of membership before proceeding and should be informed that an offer of membership can be expected within two months (dependent on the time of year).
  • During the process the Club will deal only with the Proposer.
  • For a schedule of annual subscription fees, please contact the Membership Manager on 9829 1511.

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