The World’s Best Clubs

Members travelling overseas have access to approximately 80 tennis, sporting and other prestigious clubs around the world.

Around half of these clubs grant access through direct reciprocal arrangements with Royal South Yarra Lawn Tennis Club. Members wishing to visit a reciprocal club should contact our office via [email protected], who will organise the necessary letter of introduction for a visit. Please note that a minimum of 48 hours notice is required for the generation of introductory letters.

The remaining clubs are accessible through the worldwide Association of Centenary Tennis Clubs (CTC).  As the name suggests, the CTC is an exclusive group of clubs, which have existed for over 100 years.  

Under special arrangements, Club members are permitted to make use of the facilities of most clubs on 15 days in any one year or for 5 consecutive days. CTC permits 3 visits per year.

Please note that different arrangements may exist for some of these clubs, so members should check arrangements with particular clubs, prior to travel.

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